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Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is a place of dazzling statistics. With more than 10 million residents (as of 2018), it is the most populous county in the United States. Boasting 88 incorporated cities and numerous unincorporated areas within a staggering 4,083 square miles, L.A. County is home to more than one-quarter of California’s citizens. It is one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the U.S. as well as a leading economic engine that attracts, fosters and sustains a broad range of professional and cultural fields.

When the Spanish arrived in the 18th century, present-day Los Angeles County was home to the Tongva and Chumash tribes. Spanish and, later, Mexican control of the region continued until the Treaty of Cahuenga (1847) marked the end of the Mexican American War. Statehood in 1850 and the completion of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1885 began a great migration westward. Over the next century, farming, oil, tourism, real estate, movies, aircraft construction and technology became L.A. County’s leading industries. As a pioneer in freeway development, the county became a connected and cohesive network of communities that contribute to the overall diversity and vitality we know today.

With an average median income of $65,006, according to Data USA, and an average home price of $665,000, Los Angeles County offers a high-level of heterogeneity and opportunity for home buyers. The region contains 80 school districts, of which LAUSD is not only the largest, but ranks as the largest school district in the U.S. L.A. County is also home to some of the world’s top rated colleges and universities, including UCLA, USC, Pepperdine and the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. All of which makes L.A. County an exciting, energetic and innovative place to live, work, play, learn and create.

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