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Amazing restaurants to visit in LA

Los Angeles, while famous for many other things like fashion, the arts, entertainment, and A-list celebrities, is also known as one of the best places to eat not only in the US, but throughout the world as well.

In addition to boasting a near-endless variety of cuisine from all over the globe, the City of Angels is also home to some of the best chefs and restaurateurs, and has access to top-quality produce.

Want to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure in LA? Be sure to stop by some of these exceptional restaurants:

Alta Adams
5359 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Nestled in the heart of LA’s historic West Adams neighborhood, Alta Adams is a comfort food haven led by renowned chef and LA native Keith Corbin. Corbin, who describes the cuisine as “California soul food,” takes inspiration from southern comfort favorites: fried chicken, oxtails over rice, mac and cheese, and smothered steak.

Part of his concept is to use healthy, natural ingredients for the dishes without compromising flavor. They use browned butter and almond milk for their take on candied yams and season their collard greens with chili flakes, vinegar, and smoked oil, for example.

Be sure to try the miso and soy sauce-seasoned oxtails or pair their fried chicken with cornmeal pancakes for a truly mouthwatering dining experience.

Apey Kade
19662 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA

You’re definitely missing out if you’ve never tried Sri Lankan cuisine before. Apey Kade is the perfect place to get an introduction to the incredibly delicious flavors of Sri Lankan cooking.

Located in LA’s Tarzana neighborhood, Apey Kade treats guests to a selection of superb Sri Lankan dishes such as “idiyappam,” steamed rice flour noodles served with spiced coconut milk gravy, hard-boiled egg, and chopped greens and “appam,” a dish made from coconut milk batter and yeasted rice flour paired with sour fish curry.

Carnitas El Momo
2411 Fairmount St.
Los Angeles, CA

Any LA local who’s a fan of delicious Mexican cuisine has likely heard about El Momo’s famed “taco mixta,” a mouthwatering masterpiece combining four different cuts of pork braised for hours in copper cauldrons. The Acosta family, who owns the popular food truck, recommends diners to enjoy the dish at least once “Salamanca, Mexico-style,” dressed only in pickled vegetables.

Another great way to enjoy the dish is by sandwiching the carnitas between two tortillas along with a creamy layer of queso blanco that sizzles and oozes on the griddle.

The Carnitas El Momo food truck can usually be found in Boyle Heights, but you can check where they’re heading to next at their Instagram page.

700 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

Housed within the new Santa Monica Proper hotel, Onda is a collaboration between two of today’s most influential chefs, Jessica Koslow from LA’s’ very own Sqirl and Gabriela Camara from Mexico City’s Contramar.

Both chefs are well-known for sharing a passion for food crafted with the highest levels of technique and made from fresh local ingredients, while still retaining a casual and comforting vibe. The restaurant’s name means “wave” in Portuguese, chosen not only to reflect the restaurant’s beachside location, but also the same wavelength shared between the two talented chefs.

Be sure to try the inside-out turkey al pastor quesadilla served with hoja santa, a dish that will certainly leave you coming back for more.

American Beauty
425 Rose Ave
Venice, CA

American Beauty features an enticing menu of wood grilled steaks, fresh seafood, and unique, chef-driven takes on a wide selection of vegetable dishes.

Sustainable ranches and local farms supply the restaurants with premium-quality chops for their steak, which are cooked over wood fire and served with butter. While the restaurant tries to keep it simple and straightforward, unique appetizers such as their charred Hamachi collar and squid with shishito pepper complement their steaks perfectly.

2732 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

With award-winning chef Dave Beran at the helm, Pasjoli is an elevated French bistro which pays homage to traditional French cuisine integrated with the fresh, top-quality produce available in Southern California.

Taking inspiration from the Parisian markets and classic French cuisine, Pasjoli is a showcase of Beran’s innovative cooking technique combined with a creative flair. Be sure to order their black truffle omelet with fine herbs and gruyere, beef tartare, and pressed duck served tableside for two if you’d like to try some of their finest bistro fare.

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